Edwin Moore’s Home

Supposed Use:
Spy Drop Location
Fort Sumner Drive, Bethesda, Maryland
Operated By:
Retired CIA employee
Historically Preserved:
For Sale?

In December 1976, retired CIA employee Edwin Moore “decided to go to the other side.” Moore stole enough classified documents to fill several boxes and tried to sell them to the Soviet Union. He wrapped up a sample of the secret documents with a note and threw the bundle over the fence of the Soviet Embassy, which is now the Russian Ambassador’s home. A security guard at the embassy found the package and called D.C. police, fearing it was a bomb. “They come, retrieve the package, determine it isn't a bomb,” Wallace said. “They open the package, and some very alert police officer in Washington says, ‘Hmm, I think the FBI might be interested in this, and in fact, they were.” Moore’s note instructed the Soviets to deliver $3,000 in cash to a dead drop location by a fire hydrant right across the street from his house, which undercover FBI agents did, and he was arrested.

Source NBC News

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